" ...took the child and his mother by night and fled (Mt 2:14)"

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The meeting, on how the current theme: "… took the child and his mother by night and fled (Mt 2:14)", was prepared by representatives of the Secretaries of the Pontifical Society of Missionary Childhood English-speaking countries (Ireland, England, Scotland) in close collaboration Jean Lazarus, President of CCME

The child - Challenges for Theology and the Church

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CEME President , kicked off by a welcome cordially inviting each participant to come forward and sit in the middle of the conference hall and present the expectations they have of meeting this year . Continuing the series were mentioned ideas and proposals of the previous meeting and program , goals and objectives of the meeting this year

Grow in faith with children

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As is customary for nearly 20 years , the European Conference of Missionary Childhood was hosted this year by Luxembourg. Preparations have been made by the Secretariat of Missionary Center in Luxembourg . This meeting takes place every two years and enjoys the presence of all the European countries where there is a National Center of Missionary Childhood .

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